Thursday, October 22, 2020

The Comforts of Self-Hugging

Whether a solo traveler or a traveler with partner -- given the Pandemic guidelines of physical distancing -- connection has been impacted.  While those with a partner may be getting their quota of daily hugs; those of us who are solo travelers may be experiencing a scarcity of warm touch from others.

Enter self-hugging – WOW!   I now give myself a bear hug over every pleasant experience, chore well done or just for no reason at all.  The hugs are accompanied with loving, supportive words:  "Great job today!"  "You drank your 64 ounces of water—Great!"  "I love you."  “I’m sorry you’re feeling sad.  I love you and I am here for you, always have been.”  As my hand lovingly rubs my upper arms, I voice to myself what I would love to hear from that one special person. 

So like many of us do these days with a new idea, question or even meeting a new person of interest -- I googled ‘self-hugging'.  Lo and behold these directions a guideline.

Self-hugging 101

*Fold your arms around your body, positioning them in a way that feels natural and comfortable... 
*Rest your hands on your shoulders or upper arm (just above your biceps). ...
*Imagine the type of hug you want. ...
*Squeeze yourself with just enough pressure to create the sensation you're looking for…

When you’re feeing that Pandemic burnout, feeling disconnected, isolated, or even just plain good – give self-hugging a try.  What have you got to lose?

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