Monday, May 11, 2020

Adapt to Survive & Thrive

The most important factor in survival
is neither intelligence nor strength
but adaptability.
                                                                                  Charles Darwin

I’m in awe as I witness each country’s efforts to adapt to the challenges the Pandemic has brought.  In our own country, witnessing governors as they adapt and implement tough regulations to keep us safe.   How essential businesses, i.e., grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, adapt to continue to provide the necessities of daily living.

I express gratitude to the sanitation workers who continue to pick up our trash, the truckers who continue to transport goods, U.S. Post Office, UPS, FedEx, the online businesses that continue to provide us with our needs and wants.

The losses we are sharing with all of humanity are something none of us have ever witnessed before.  For many the loss of health, the death of loved ones, jobs that put one on the frontlines, loss of jobs, loss of income, loss of housing – all devastating. 

For others, such as myself, the loss of multiple things that bring us pleasure. Most significant for me, the loss of my morning swim – a ritual for 45+ years. The mile swim is now a two-hour morning walk and an hour evening walk.  Walks where I continue to discover new beauty right in my own backyard where I’ve lived for 23 years.

What loss/losses are you grieving and how are you adapting?   I encourage you to look in the mirror, speak them out loud while you applaud and celebrate your own adaptability.   

I end with these wise words: “May the new normal teach us to be grateful for the things the old normal taught us to take for granted.” **


**Mark Shubert, Mission Viejo Naadadores  swim team coach 
Quote appeared in 5/8/20 New York Times
Sports Friday Section page B9

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  1. Life if about adaptability. It is great to see the words of Blair back on this blog!

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