Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We are wired for connection. But the key is that,
in any given moment, it has to be real.
                                    Brene Brown*

As I continue to be depression free or as I've been saying, 'in remission,' I've come to realize how essential one heartfelt-connection is each day to nurture my renewal.  Without it, I feel vulnerable for darkness to return..

While we may experience multiple connections each day -- the heartfelt-connection simply happens and is a whole different experience.  Brene Brown defines it as: “. . .the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. . .”**

A heartfelt-connection can be with loved ones, friends or even a stranger.  This morning it happened in the shower area at the YMCA where I swim.  While I was drying off, I heard the following conversation between M and a Stranger... 
M:  How are you?
Stranger heading out to her water aerobic class:  My husband is ill...
M:   Get those endorphins moving and you'll feel better...

As I stood drying myself off Stranger walked by...
I said:  You know, I don't know you.  But I'm so sorry your husband is ill... That's a hard
              journey and I know from experience. (I cared for my partner who died of cancer.)
We looked at each other.  With tears in her eyes, stranger mouthed: Thank you.

Today this was my heartfelt connection.

Today's blog opened and closes with Brene Brown:  "Not enough of us know how to sit in pain with others.  I have started to believe that crying with strangers in person could save the world."*

May each of us experience multiple heartfelt-connections each day with friends, loved ones and strangers...

*Brene Brown, Braving the Wilderness, Random House, pages 128 & 130

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