Friday, July 7, 2017

Hair -- The Crowning Glory

If I want to knock a story off the front page,
I just change my hairstyle.”
                            Hillary Clinton*

My hair began going silver in my twenties. By my forties it was vibrant white at the temples with the rest being salt and pepper. I never colored it until a person I respected said: “You're too young to have grey hair.” Three months of covering my grey was a hassle. I chose to claim my 'Silver Power,' wore my grey hair proudly and never colored my hair again.

Until...a year ago when Larry, my hairdresser, began highlighting my hair with funky colors: purple, green, blue, fuchsia. Each day strangers stopped me to say: “Love your hair.” I responded with “Thank you. It's fun!” It felt great to be noticed again – even if it was just because of the funky colors.

Woman who drastically change their hairstyle, I admire. I believe them to be courageous, open to new experiences and free from clinging to the same old way of presenting themselves to the world. Today, I am one of those women I admire.

Yesterday, as I sat in Larry's chair, he announced: “Let's do something bold.” Today, I have a super short pixie cut. And, I like it!

Yet, the question of what will others think lurks within my psyche. Unlike with funky colors, no one has stopped me on the street to say: “Love your hair” and I don't expect they will. The question and lesson for me is – 'Can I trust and rest solely with just my experience and opinion of this new bold haircut.' Time will tell...


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