Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Feeling Blessed

A Buddha is someone who finds
freedom in good fortune and bad.

A friend of mine takes issue when she hears from others “I feel blessed.” It is something I voice at times and perhaps it does convey an arrogance of special dispensation from the Almighty above...certainly not my intent.

However, as I reflect more on this and what it means to me to feel blessed – it is when I feel tuned into God, the Universe, Spirit. I experience gratitude for the Breath that breathes me. In this space I recognize all my needs are being abundantly met and I am satisfied. There is nothing I want and nothing needs to be any different than it is. So it is true for me – feeling Blessed is my connection with Spirit.

The times I am not consciously tuned into Spirit are painful times. Times where I experience: fears around financial resources, envy for those, I believe, have a 'better' life experience, overall dissatisfaction and disappointment with my life at 70. In essence, I experience a disconnect from Spirit.

As human beings we want answers, we want certainty, we want control -- and good times let us believe we may have this; and bad times tap into the realization we don't. This reminds me that the journey we travel presents joys and sorrows.  Joys are easier to behold than sorrows. But both are necessary...

The lesson for me, once again, is to welcome the good, bad and ugly and remember, as best I can, that all life experiences are blessings in our journey toward wholeness...


*A fifth-century Indian Buddhist monk

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