Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Beatriz at Dinner -- A Film

Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power.
We have guided missiles and misguided men.”
                                                                                           Martin Luther King, Jr.*

Spoiler Alert: If you plan on seeing the film; do not read.

Beatriz at Dinner – A Film

Beatriz at Dinner presents a sparring match between Beatriz, a new age massage therapist/healer and Doug Stroutt, a wealthy, powerful real estate developer a la Trump.

Due to unforeseen circumstances Beatriz is invited to her wealthy client's planned dinner party.
Attending the party are the client, her husband, another couple, Doug Stroutt and his wife and now Beatriz. After a few glasses of wine, Beatriz aggressively professes how healing, kindness and compassion do more for the world than the real estate development Stroutt does in the name of progress, growth and jobs.

Beatriz expresses the views people have had throughout time.  Views professing there is enough to go around for all to have their needs comfortably met; but that money and power take precedent over developing a world where all sentient beings can survive and thrive. Stroutt early in the film states people listen to him because he is rich and powerful; Beatriz is not – so her words fall on deaf ears...

Beatriz makes her exit and the film gives us two different endings. The first is Beatriz' fantasy of picking up a razor-sharp letter opener, stabbing and killing the Stroutt character – you cannot kill an idea by killing the person who embodies it. The final ending shows Beatriz walking out into the ocean never to be seen again – embodying the impotence of the disenfranchised in the face of wealth and power...


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