Friday, June 16, 2017

Ultimate Letting Go

If you want to endure life,
prepare yourself for death.
                                  Sigmund Freud*

After signing the listing contract on my home, I experienced a mini-breakdown. Called a friend who reminded me life is a series of letting gos and as we age, the letting gos bring us closer to the ultimate letting go of our bodies.

While I don't know how many years I have ahead, the end journey – yes, the dreaded 'D' word 'Death' – draws nearer with each passing year. While we're encouraged to prepare for retirement, rarely do we hear about preparing for our deaths – other than the legal stuff of wills, trusts, etc. True, it is essential legal documents be in order; specifics are also important. Specifics such as – do we want to be cremated or buried, who should be notified of our death, perhaps stickies on art and other valuable items as to who gets what. Whatever things come to your mind while you are living.

I'm currently working with a death doula about specifics about my death assuming my death is of an illness and not a sudden happening: what music, if any, would I want played, where do I want to be, who might I want present, what comforts might I want, etc.

Conversations about death and dying are important to have. It's hard, I actually believe impossible, to imagine our own non-existence. I like to believe this is because that piece of us that can't envision our non-existence is the piece that lives on. But I don't know and won't know until that sacred passing occurs.


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