Tuesday, June 20, 2017


“...every moment is created by the Universe
to ensure your highest growth.”
                                 Matt Kahn*

Conflict recently entered a five-year relationship. There had been an argument prior to what turned out to be the last time we met. While I wanted to process what had previously transpired between us; they did not. So it ended...with an informal handshake.

If we have eyes to see, I believe, each life experience brings bigger lessons to be learned. Shortly after the above experience, I was on a weekend retreat in Robbinsville. In my room I noticed a small book and opened it to a random page where there was a short paragraph entitled “Rejection.” In less than fifty words it stated that when we are hurt/triggered by someone's rejection, it reflects back to us how we reject ourselves.

I instantly recognized that the coldness/indifference I experienced from the other person was a mirror of exactly how I reject myself with statements like “I'm less than,” “I'm not good enough,” “I don't matter,” “I'm unloveable,” “I don't belong,” “I'm old, ugly and irrelevant,” to share a few.... I also recognized each time I fail to acknowledge what I've done well each day is another form of self-rejection.

I now give thanks to the person who provided the lesson. And express heartfelt gratitude to that short little paragraph that triggered healing and increased awareness...

This new awareness needs to be nurtured and recognition is the first step. So when self-rejection shows up, I'll remember how hurtful that cold/indifference felt to me – and cease from doing it and rather embrace myself with kindness and compassion... 


Matt Kahn, Whatever Arises Love That, page 8,
Published by Sounds True, Boulder, CO.

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