Tuesday, June 27, 2017


"Well, I think everyone struggles with self-love."
                                                                                   Phillip Seymour Hoffman*

Inner voices of self-rejection are a stumbling block to self-love. We further self-reject ourselves by not honoring what we do well. Acknowledging what we do well is a vital ingredient of self love.

During the past three months each evening I list a minimum of five things I've done well that day. Sometimes there is something special (my open 5-minute mic at a comedy club) but mostly they are simple things in which I take pleasure. Some of mine include: making my morning cup of tea, my morning swim, smiling at a stranger, talking to a stranger.

As I reflect on this, it brings to my attention the miracle we each are. Each simple act – our very breath – is miraculous. Acknowledging and honoring ourselves is expressing our love for the Life Source that is our essence.

However, I have added something to my routine. It's going to sound crazy. I encourage you to try it at least three times throughout the day. For those living with others it may feel a little weird – living alone has its advantages.

So far today I have given myself three standing ovations. For what you ask – here they are
                                               Rising out of bed after a good night's sleep
                                               Driving myself to the YMCA
                                               Practicing my piano

I think there is something to the standing, clapping and cheering that awakens something in me – because each standing ovation brings a smile to my face.

Give it a shot – whacha got to lose??


*http://po.st/YdvPvC via @BrainyQuote

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