Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Play on...

Life must be lived as play.

Have you ever had the experience of having a person in your life who triggers you. Perhaps you take an instant dislike to them, a resentment toward them. They are not part of your community of friends yet they are a part of your peripheral existence.

Recently, I encountered such an individual. When I am in their presence, I feel myself shutting down. This person's appearance is so serious that I'm thinking perhaps they do not have the appropriate muscles in their face to smile or laugh. So how is it I get so easily triggered? I'm seeing that serious, unlaughing, unsmiling part of me in them – and not liking it.

I do believe much of what happens in life is a lesson for us. This recent teacher who has triggered me, I see as a messenger who has come to remind me that:
*my inner playful being has retreated back into my psyche, and
*it's my job to create the environment where she can once again emerge.

I'm not an easy laugh but there are a couple comics who make me laugh: Wanda Sykes and Dave Chappelle. Playing board games with friends often brings laughs – an email invite to neighbors for a game night – something we used to do and laughed plenty. Once a day – a look in the mirror and a big laugh (even if fake, it gets the laugh muscles moving).

What tools do you have to bring more play and laughter into your day?



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