Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Change: Heartfelt or Headfelt

They always say time changes things,
but you actually have to change them yourself.
                                           Andy Warhol*

Have you ever been in a place where you know you need a change?  You have no idea what the change should be but are certain something needs to shift and soon.

When optional change has appeared in my life it has often been as a result of a heartfelt desire that comes to fruition. Twenty years ago the heartfelt desire brought my partner and I to Asheville from Santa Barbara. We wanted to move – Asheville came to our attention – and within three months we found ourselves living and thriving in Asheville.

Currently, there is no heartfelt desire brewing within my psyche. I ask myself how to bring about a shift. What comes to mind that makes the most sense is to sell my house and move to the condo I own. Pure headfelt decision – not heartfelt – thus there is little enthusiasm as I begin to implement this plan.

This is a work in progress. The house goes on the market 6/15/17 and if not sold by 9/15/17 will be taken off the market. I've already planted my upside down St. Joseph to help find buyers who love the house as my partner and I have. Should it sell – the next step will be a major remodeling of the condo.

The big question for me is to see if this headfelt decision to put the house on the market, will trickle into a heartfelt desire where enthusiasm for what's ahead can blossom.  Time will tell...


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