Tuesday, May 30, 2017

'The Lovers'-- a film

I love going to movies by myself.
                                                      Tyler Hoechlin (young actor)

Given I had a new cleaning woman start today, I wanted to be away from home so she could do her work without my hovering around. I went to see The Lovers which opened this past weekend. It is a long overdo comeback for Debra Winger. Briefly, it is the story of a long term marriage that has lost its spark. Each of the partners is having an affair outside of the marriage and each of their affair partners are wanting them to leave the marriage. It's billed as a comedy but I found nothing funny about the film. In fact, the most intense scene reflected what could only be called a damaged family.

At any rate, what I did value about the film was seeing older adults with sexual energy being ignited in their lives. The relationships were complicated. It could have been a great film but it missed the mark in my eyes. I doubt it will do well at the box office (even with its 87% http://rottentomatoes.com rating) so it's unlikely more films about realistic sensual relationships with older adults will be flooding the market any time soon.

I don't know what Debra Winger has been doing all these years. But my sense is she is a person of character and depth as reflected in her wearing her history proudly.  How validating to see another naturally aging woman on the screen.   Again, hats off to the Debra Wingers, Charlotte Ramplings and Annette Benings of the world.

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