Friday, May 5, 2017

The Breath....

Recently I attended an event where parking was at a premium. Uniformed monitors were directing cars. We were asked if we were sponsors, “no,” we replied. The monitor looked at three olders in the car and asked if we were able to walk. Yes, we all could. But from my backseat, I said “no” and he directed us to the closer parking lot. As olders we're subject to many stereotypes and I took full advantage of this one...

Later that day, while looking for a lipstick, I was directed to a 10x magnification mirror to try it on. Details of the aging face, aging neck, aging eye area – were not a pleasant site to behold. Then I heard the voice of internalized ageism ask:: “Would you now consider plastic surgery if you had an extra $20,000.” My answer: “I don't know.”

What I do know and what this experience has shouted at me is how much I am a prisoner of the propaganda perpetuated upon us olders, especially women, about what makes us valuable. Self-worth and self-love come from a deeper place than how we are valued by the world.

When challenges arise, the place I go to is the silence and stillness within. The Breath usually leads the way. The Breath that has been with us from day one. While it is unlikely I'll imbibe in this inner peace permanently; I am rest assured the world will bring many more opportunities for me to return to the awareness of my Breath. And so it is...


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  1. I know what you mean! Whenever I look in a magnifying mirror (and I avoid them like the plague) it usually takes my breath away! Let's go get a botox treatment together! We should have done that on our 70th birthday. My mother got eyelid surgery which I should get, too.
    I liked that the attendant is responsive to his elders and their needs. I have found that you can always tell who grew up around their grandparents because they are very warm,,,,,,Lindsey Lee is one! Have a sunny day, Pat