Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Seeing with Fresh Eyes

It will be twenty years that my partner and I relocated to Asheville from Santa Barbara. At that time, Asheville was an affordable town for working professionals. When talking with friends in Santa Barbara, we reported: “We love Asheville. We're not tempted to shop or eat out.” This is no longer true.

Asheville is now considered a 'foodie' town, a beer capital, we have million-dollar condos downtown and a plethora of new hotels with more to come. The town is hopping. Weekends and weeknights the streets, clubs and eateries are buzzing with visitors. Many of us who have been here for years bitch and moan about the changes.

So this weekend, having made the decision to indulge myself, I decided to indulge as a tourist and experience Asheville with fresh eyes. As I explored Asheville, I noticed beautiful greenery, colorful palettes of flowers, glorious mountains, cobblestone streets, quaint buildings, hustling and bustling of crowds enjoying themselves and I thought “This would be a great town to live in!”

Asheville has changed and I am one of the bitchers and moaners about those changes. Yet, the exercise of seeing Asheville with fresh eyes helped me reacquaint and reestablish my relationship with Asheville. Truth be known, I am a foodie and now get to imbibe in that passion – which was dormant for years upon our arrival in Asheville. Perhaps my relationship with Asheville, like any long-term relationship, needed a boost by being seen with fresh eyes.

What aspect of your life might experience a boost by seeing it with fresh eyes?


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