Friday, May 26, 2017

In the Hallway

When one door closes, another opens;
but the hallway is hell...

An aspect of aging is that people and things fall away – some by choice and some not by choice. Three close friends of mine have each moved out of state. My massage therapist of 20 years moved to New Mexico. My cleaning woman of 12 years retired. My exterminator who I had interesting conversations with retired after servicing our home for 17 years. Improv classes (my current passion) are now coming to an end. And I am now winding down with my therapist of six years...

While this is not a full-throttle Job experience – it is an experience of doors closing that puts me in the 'hallway.' Sadness and loss accompany me in the hallway as well as anticipation for what may unfold.

New activities are emerging. Recently connected with a local group, ARCHES, which is about supporting open conversations and practices around death and dying. A death doula training will be given this fall which I'm considering attending.

Another percolating activity in the hallway is “Mind the Gap” program sponsored by the New York Theatre Workshop. They select seven elders and seven teens that work 1:1 together for a month sharing their stories and each writes a play about the other that is performed to an invited audience. I read about this on the last day of applications and immediately applied.

'Nature Abhors A Vacuum' – so remembering to bathe myself in kindness and compassion, I patiently, and impatiently, wait to see what the Universe brings to fruition...


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  1. You are not a F---! mess as you screamed yesterday! Look how many interesting new door have opened up in your hallway! It's only when we are uncertain and unclear of our path and our energies jump ahead that we get out of control. Mind Gap is perfect for you and I hope they choose you! Working with children and a lifelong love of theatre; what could be a better fit! Keep percolating...Love Pat ...I think I'll make a salmon dinner for us this week.