Friday, April 21, 2017

The Ultimate Leveler

I am not afraid of death, I just don't
want to be there when it happens.
                                                                                                Woody Allen

A friend recently told me about his 95-year old neighbor whose declining health has forced him to move into a nursing home. He went on to share about his mother who died a slow death of Alzheimer's and how she repeatedly begged him to help her die.

Many states are passing legislation to allow terminally ill individuals to choose a medically-induced peaceful death. Yet, not all of us are diagnosed with a terminal disease nor do we live in states that have that legislation.

After the death of a loved one we often hear “I'll see him/her again when my time comes.” While many of us have beliefs about an after life or reincarnation, we still cling to this human form in which we travel. This along with the anti-aging propaganda, simply reflect our fear and denial of death. Death is the ultimate unknown. And the ultimate leveler of the human experience.

While I never planned for retirement, I have planned for my death. *Exit International is an organization that supports euthanasia not just for terminally ill individuals, but for those whose body may be aging beyond the point of their being able to live comfortably satisfying lives.

Crossing into my 7th decade, I joined *Exit International. I now have the means that allow me to have a peaceful death. Will I have the courage to do that when this body shuts down to the point I'm not enjoying my life? I don't know. And I won't know till that time comes. But somehow it is a comfort knowing I have the option.


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