Friday, April 28, 2017

Indulge Yourself

Something tells you the weekend has arrived
and you can indulge yourself a bit.
                                                                                                       Helen Mirren

Being alone wears comfortably in my psyche – until the weekend comes. What is it about weekends? Since I am no longer 'gainfully' employed in a sense everyday is a weekend day. Yet, when that Friday comes around, it's different. It's the weekend – time to indulge, have fun, go on a date – even if that date is with one's self.

Post-retirement I indulged on a regular basis. Indulging to me is sitting at the bar of a favorite restaurant sipping on a glass of wine while enjoying a favorite meal. I did this frequently – weekdays and weekends – and thoroughly enjoyed it. As happens with anything we overdo, it became habit and lost its charm.

Thus I went from one extreme to another. Rather than going out, I stay home and prepare simple meals for myself – pan seared lamb chops, steak, fish; a kale salad or steamed kale, some beets and a big glass of water.

The time is ripe for me to once again indulge. So this weekend rather than throwing on my blue jeans and Henry Miller t-shirt – I'll put something on that makes me feel I'm going somewhere special with someone special (namely, me). I'll head over to a favorite eatery – sit at the bar, indulge in a favorite meal and then off to a film, play, concert, dance performance of my choosing.

In Helen Mirren's words, if you choose to “indulge yourself a bit”, what will your weekend look like?


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