Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Being Ordinary

And while it takes courage to achieve greatness,
it takes more courage to find fulfillment in being ordinary.
                                                       Marilyn Thomsen*

As I compare the simplicity of OldBoldandBeautiful.Life with sophisticated, professionally managed blogs – many of which have reached celebrity-hood within the blogging world, I think how nice it would be to be amongst them.

There is a voice within me that would like to experience celebrity-hood believing it would make me feel special and successful. Gratefully, as I pondered this, a louder Self shouts that the next step in your journey is to embrace your 'ordinariness'. It is in ordinariness that joy occurs through connection with simple things like the blossoms on my dogwood this morning that put a smile on my face, the morning cup of tea I drank as I looked out the window at the budding trees and sunshine, and the pleasure I felt as my cat came to be petted.

As I took this in – embracing my ordinariness – there was an experience of incredible freedom. Freedom from the need to be anything else except myself as I am in this moment.

Many of us desire to be extraordinary. Yet that very desire takes us out of ourselves in the moment, implicitly it tells us we're not enough.

Truth is when embracing our ordinariness – the desire to be anything but ourselves softens and seems to disappear. My guess is this is just the beginning of my journey into ordinariness and there will be bumps ahead. But in this moment as I write this – there is inner peace, freedom from comparing and a genuine loving of the ordinariness I am.


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  1. This is a winner with a good lesson for all.

    1. Yes, OhOma Opa, it is a good lesson for all ... and a tough one. Thanks for your comment...Blair