Friday, March 24, 2017

Conscious Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the birthplace of
innovation, creativity and change.
                                                  Brene Brown*

Conscious vulnerability entered my life in 2010 when I took a five-day workshop entitled: Improv: Expand Yourself Through Laughter. Essentials of improv include being fully present, focusing on your scene partner, and responding spontaneously – all of which require vulnerability. After five days, not only was I laughing, but I was hooked on breaking through comfort zones by allowing myself to be vulnerable.

I continued improv classes at the Southeast Meisner Acting Conservatory. I went on to study Meisner acting where the foundation of the craft is vulnerability. Much to my sadness, the Meisner conservatory closed about a year ago. Thankfully, there are other venues for improv classes where I continue to strengthen my vulnerability muscle.

Recently, I enrolled in a stand-up comedy class. After each of our open mic routines students give feedback to one another. Feedback I receive acknowledges and honors my courage in allowing myself to be vulnerable and how connected they feel to me as a result.

With age, I embrace my vulnerability. Not only in improv, acting and stand-up, but in all my life. OldBoldandBeauitful.Life is the perfect example. So much of me is in each blog that goes out over the internet – talk about emotional risks and vulnerability. Yet, as I continue to embark on my 7th decade, each day I feel more authentic and free from the fears/beliefs that have governed me over a lifetime.

In the words of Maurice Chevalier from the film Gigi “I'm glad I'm not young any more.”  Here's to old age and conscious vulnerability!


*Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability | TED Talk |

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