Friday, February 10, 2017

Wear Your History Proudly -- Part II

Thank you Charlotte Rampling & Annette Bening

Charlotte Rampling at 70

Charlotte Rampling: “In Hollywood, the second gravest sin is to be old. The first is to look old. It’s just a pity so many actresses don’t have the confidence to say: ‘This is how I am. I’m still a very attractive woman despite my age — so get used to it.’"   

Annette Bening at 58

Annette Bening: “I like being older... It used to be you have to be hot — that’s the No. 1 thing -- a certain face, certain breasts, certain body. You have to be desirable from the male point of view. The objective...not be bound by cultural barriers that are unfair! How does that reflect on where we are with feminism, the women’s movement, and freedom for women?”

We rarely hear older female icons embrace their own aging journey.

Rather, what we get most often from the media are images of older women icons who do all they can to wipe away any natural signs of aging. Christie Brinkley, 63, who'll be on the cover of the 2/15/17 issue of Sports Illustrated appears to do all she can to look as close to her image as when she first appeared on the cover in 1979. Brinkley shares her beauty secrets: “...I noticed vertical bands in my neck... apparently the easiest way to address this issue was to inject small amounts of Botox into the ‘strings’ in my neck..."

I know how difficult it has been for me to grieve the loss of my own youth image and embrace the emerging aging image. For the woman whose identity and career is based solely upon a youth image, it takes extreme courage and intense reconstructive inner surgery to embrace the essence of her true self beyond any physical image.

 I commend Rampling (who in her youth was an icon of sex appeal) and Bening on their courage to Wear Their Histories Proudly.  As I continue to attempt to Wear My History Proudly as well...


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