Friday, February 24, 2017

The Inner Seductress

We each have an Inner Child that carries our hurt and pain; as well as an Inner Child that allows us to have fun and play. When I express my anger outwardly, I think of that as both my Inner Child having a temper tantrum as well as my Evil Twin taking over. No doubt we have myriad parts of ourselves with whom we have yet to be acquainted.

In a recent blog (2/14/17), I wrote about wanting to explore my sensuality and sexuality. The archetype that comes to my mind is The Seductress; the woman so confident about her sexuality she seduces those she is drawn to, and those she may just be curious about. My Inner Seductress has been dormant most of my life. My Inner Damsel in Distress, however, has accompanied me on much of my life journey – though I am pleased to say we are parting ways as she makes room for the Inner Seductress to emerge.

While we think of a Seductress as using her sensuality and sexuality to seduce a partner, I am embracing her as the part of me that finds and experiences sensuality/sexuality in all I do – my morning swim, meals I enjoy, theatre I experience, and all the other ways I pleasure my self. Not currently having a best friend/lover/companion is no reason not to let the Inner Seductress emerge. My belief is as my Inner Seductress is allowed to flower she will find someone for us to seduce. And what fun that would be....

What is your relationship with your Inner Seductress?


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