Friday, February 17, 2017

Love Your Body

“If anything is sacred,
the human body is sacred.”
                                Walt Whitman

The bombardment of media images of surgically enhanced female icons along with perfect bodies radiating out at us from magazines as we are in check-out lines in grocery stores, perpetuates the objectification of women. These images subliminally shout at us: “You are not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, young enough, rich enough, etc.”

Reality is – “We are Enough...”  This is where self-love begins – knowing and embracing the awareness that we are enough. This is not to say that learning new things, developing new skills/talents, playing with new styles is not essential to our well being.  It simply reminds us to remember the sacred miracle of birth that each of us is.

All this leads up to *Jade Beall's enlightening, *Beautiful Bodies of Elders.  Photographs of nude women and men in a variety of shapes, sizes, races is beautiful and validating of the sacredness of the human body. The message that Beall's images shout at me is: “You are Enough.”

How would we feel about ourselves if we lived in a world that honored each of us regardless of our age, race, size, gender, financial status? What might be missing from such a world would be the marketplace of 'stuff' to purchase to make us feel 'good enough.' The whole economy could collapse...

So praise to Jade Beall who is giving us real images of real people all testifying to the reality of the beauty of the essence that we each are....


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