Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day

My online dating adventure ends today. The results:

                               *Five people contacted me – none were local.
                               *I initiated contact with one local person who did not respond.
                               *The fear of being rejected as well as rejecting others was met.

I also became aware that:

              1. Being a single woman, with sufficient financial resources, in good health,
                   and in good physical shape is a pretty wonderful thing!

               2. Now at 70 I want to explore my sensuality and sexuality.

Years ago in grad school I had a friend, Michelle, who believed sex was adult play for consenting adults. Unlike my belief that associated sex with love and commitment. Michelle was blessed with being able to fully embrace her sexuality. She was able (like men) to enjoy causal sex for pleasure.

The time is now ripe for me to explore and develop my sensuality and sexuality. I remember asking Michelle her secret. She shared her two basics:

                                *Always have legs and underarms clean shaven, and
                                *Wear lingerie that makes you feel sexy.

I'll start with Michelle's basics. I know I am not alone in this adventure given the increased STD's in older adults across the country. Hopefully that won't happen – but while I enjoy sex with myself, I do think it would be fun to be in the arms of another.

So – on Valentine's Day I'll enjoy the box of French Broad Chocolates I bought myself as a token of love for my self. And, I encourage you, to do something sensual, romantic, and loving for your self.

Until next time, Happy Valentine's Day!


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