Friday, February 3, 2017

Daily Self-Cares

Crossing the 70-age marker has had and continues to have an emotional impact on me. I find myself with feelings of sadness and irritability as things and people are dropping away from me.

*During times of normal doldrums, consumer therapy would give me a temporary spurt of joy – no longer true.

*The people in my life who I have kept in touch with out of habit, rather than a common connective bond, are falling away.

*The acting conservatory, I began studying acting and improv at four years ago after leaving my lifework, has closed.

As I reflect on the above, I recognize the loss of many things that have fed me in a variety of ways are gone. My hope is that this dropping away is making space for something new.

As a friend used to say: “When one door closes; another opens. But the hallway is hell.”

So my work now is how to comfort myself while in the hallway. For me, that means going back to the basics of daily self care:

                    1)  Keep hydrated with 64 ounces of water
                    2)  Find something to laugh at, especially myself
                          -- or look in the mirror and fake a 5-second laugh
                    3)  Throughout the day in my small journal jot down:
                                          Things I do well
                                          Kindnesses I receive
                                          Kindnesses I give
                          And read the entries before bedtime....
                    4)  Make one connection with a friend
                    5)  Do something creative, i.e., practice piano, start a new blog

What are your basic daily self-cares...



  1. Hmm... there was a technology door that opened and you successfully passed through it. Then you decided to further pursue an additional door of the business of blogging. You are beyond a tech hallway and I believe more doors will open by writing content to help others that maybe afraid to turn their life's doorknobs of opportunities.

  2. Hello,
    One of my basic self cares is to always take time to look up! It may seem silly at first, specially when you are feeling down. But do take notice, the sky is always full of movement full of all sorts of intetestng things.

  3. Karina, thanks for your comment. I remember an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) professor said that when one is looking upward, one cannot feel sad. Each time I try that I have found it to be true. Thanks for the reminder to look at the sky....Blair