Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Belief System -- Beware

Many years ago my spiritual teacher differentiated between emotions and feelings. She said emotions have words; feelings have no words and are what is most real about us.

Attending a concert alone, everywhere I looked couples were laughing and enjoying themselves.  The story I told myself was that I am old, alone and invisible.  I then realized I was putting the words of my belief system on what I was feeling -- thus creating emotion that I labeled as sadness.

I stopped the story, focused my attention solely on the feeling without any words or labels.    I then experienced the feeling with no words or sadness present.  Feelings are what is most real about us -- but when we layer them with the words of our belief system --  they become overshadowed with emotion and drama which is not the essence of who we are.

My exercise now is that when seemingly unpleasant emotions arise to recognize the part my belief system plays in it. Our belief systems are created as a result of the beliefs we internalize from our family of origin, the religion in which we grew up, the culture in which we live and it goes back eons. It is not possible to live without a belief system until perhaps we are fully enlightened beings. However, recognizing the pain, the prejudice, the ignorance that our belief systems may put upon us is the first step in letting go of beliefs that no longer serve our highest good nor the good of the culture within which we live.

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