Friday, January 20, 2017

We Each Do Matter...

OldBoldandBeautiful.Life is my way of confronting ageism and its impact on women, specifically me. Then Trump got elected. One blessing I see as a result of his election, is the plethora of activists who have been birthed.

While I honor and admire those who have been moved to political activism, I also have seen how I have begun to devalue my own activism. What came out of my creative way of addressing my aging journey, I began to label as foolish and unimportant in light of all that is currently happening in our country.

Objectively, I acknowledge that these post-election concerns outweigh my personal stumbling block with my own aging process. Yet, subjectively, I know what I have internalized from our culture's objectification of women has created a dissonance within me and, I imagine, others as well, that needs to be healed.

I, too, share the concerns of others given the Trump rhetoric expressed during the campaign. The rhetoric that got Trump elected, as the rhetoric that has gotten every other candidate elected, may not come to fruition once in office. The plethora of activists who have emerged are working hard to make certain this does not happen.

In speaking with a friend today, I shared my feelings that what I am doing through OldBoldandBeautiful.Life doesn't matter in light of all that is going on. As she looked me in the eyes, her loving response was: “It matters, because you matter.” And the truth is We Each Do Matter...


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