Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Pure Torture

A wise woman once said
F*ck this shit”
and she lived
happily ever after.
                                                   Word Porn

The above quote says it all for my online-dating experience. I find it pure torture.  Plus, I find it is another Internet Time Robber....

I have received five emails from individuals checking me out. Four of the five emails were from men in other states and the fifth from a woman in Israel. When responding to one of the four out of state emails, politely indicating it is important for me to connect with someone in close proximity to Asheville, the reply I got back was “I see -- it's your way or the highway.” Whether it should have or not, I found this curt response hurtful.

Through a lot of inner work over the years, I have developed the muscle to acknowledge, validate and honor myself, and I find it comforting when receiving this from others. My short time online has me feeling like a commodity to be chosen from an online catalog. Perhaps I need to be more seasoned with the on-line rhythm. I admire those of you who are able to continue to be hopeful and play within this venue.

So how do I fulfill my 30-day commitment and channel this experience to one of continued personal growth: 1) I respect myself for having followed through on the commitment to step outside of yet another comfort zone; 2) I remain open to the remainder of the time to see what unfolds; and 3) I acknowledge, validate and embrace every feeling that may arise during this online-dating adventure...


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