Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Life's Little Lessons

Life has taught me that:   All I Need, I Already Have...

Each morning I wake up, put my bathing suit on, put my street clothes on and head to the pool for my morning swim. On this particular morning, I awoke with my shadow in full gear. When my brand new blue polka-dotted bathing suit was nowhere in sight – anger burst forth. “F*ck, I left it at the pool! You stupid idiot! No one ever turns anything in!”

Have you ever had days like this? Days when you're unable to connect with your heart-centered gratitude for all that has been given you. You feel frustrated, sad, depressed – which turns to anger toward self and others (at least in my case).

So I went and put on my old bathing suit. I head to my car having dropped the blue polka-dotted bathing suit drama and feeling less angry and more centered. I restart the car and the thought comes. “Given the big snowfall I put the bathing suit in my goggle case and was going to walk to the pool but ended up walking to Liberty House with a friend for breakfast.”

Turned the car off. Head back into the house. There in my backpack was the goggle case with
the blue polka-dotted bathing suit. The lesson – when we are grounded and calm, it is true:
All We Need, We Already Have – but now we have the eyes to see it.

Thank you Life for this reminder once again...


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  1. Yes! Life is right there for us! I am trying to remember to check in to my breath when I am triggered. You are spot on in that often the solution is right at hand if I can just settle the initial frustration/irritation at myself that is in my mind, and breath into what really is.