Monday, January 9, 2017

And the winner is....

And the winner is:**

The adventure begins... ** I began to fill out their questionnaire which went on-and-on-and-on with no end in site. Took a break from the questionnaire and began to maneuver around their site. Then I saw that to upgrade to a more detailed search, one had to sign up for a minimum of three months – my commitment is for one month. At this point, I tore up the little piece of paper with their name on it. Then, alone in the privacy of my home, I chose another online dating site.


And the new winner

Wow – a much more interesting questionnaire to complete. Amazing how difficult I find it to complete simple questions like my ideal first date, life ambitions, etc. Was able to upload two photos – YAY! Once my profile is complete, I will purchase the one-month upgrade and the 30-days will begin.

I acknowledge my techno illiteracy. I am not on any social media. I continue to be quite pleased with my flip phone. I have a MacBook Air which I love and would really love if I knew how to fully use it. At this point in time – what I am enjoying most about this online dating adventure is that I am breaking out of yet another comfort zone. The actual process and doing of it has yet to be fun. But I have made the commitment – I will see it through and see what I glean from the process.


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