Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Already Pissed Off!

Men don't age better; they are just allowed to age.*

Began the online dating adventure by googling “what are the best online dating sites for older adults.” Sites that came up were: Plenty of Fish, Match, Badoo, Senior People Meet, eHarmony, Our Time, Naughty, Zoosk, Date Hookup, How About We, Jdate, OK Cupid, Match, Elitesingles.

Spent, what felt like hours, dabbling with the online questionnaires from Elite, Jdate and eHarmony – not completing any. Each day emails fill my inbox with possible matches from each of these sites.

Jdate was the only one that allowed me to browse without signing up. There were four matches I found intriguing. Each had well written profiles with similar interests to my own. Then the trigger hit. What is it with men that they must have someone younger:

                                         Norman28786, age 78 wants a woman 52 to 72
                                         Steady Eddy A8E2, age 67, wants a woman 50 to 60
                                         Dragonfly B064, age 73, wants a woman 58 to 64
                                         145445535, age 73 and wants a woman 60 to 70

This angers and pisses me off! While ageism strikes us all, it is particularly cruel to aging women...

Back to selecting a site. How to choose? I've whittled down the selection to seven: Senior People Meet, Match, Plenty of Fish, Jdate, Elitesingles, eHarmony and Our Time. I've written each down on a piece of paper. I've put the papers in my favorite teapot.

Later this week, with a friend present, I will select one and begin the adventure.

Next blog to reveal the site...

*Do not recall where I heard or read this quote so am unable to give it proper credit.

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