Saturday, December 31, 2016

Purple Power

“I love your hair.”

“Thank you..”

Yet another compliment... This time, a dual one, by a husband and wife team. With him looking me in the eyes and adding “It's great...Keep it up.”

It all started on a gloomy Tuesday morning when I had a hairdresser appointment. “Larry, I feel old. Invisible and stuck. I'm having no fun.”

“Let's put some purple in your hair.”

Staying in my comfort zone of fashion throughout my life, my immediate reaction was “no”.
However, the book, When I'am an Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple, flashed before my eyes.
“Go for it!” He did. And I love it!

It has been an absolute delight to receive compliments and feel noticed as a result of stepping outside my fashion comfort zone. Each time a stranger comments, “I like your hair” it puts a smile on my heart as well as my face. And, more importantly, it has lead me to step outside other arenas of my comfort zones. I now study improv, acting, piano and voice – all of which terrified me in the past.

Comfort zones do exactly that -- keep us comfortable and safe. Comfort zones inhibit us living our lives fully. I'll be the first to admit, purple hair is not for everyone. However, if you are feeling invisible or stuck as an aging woman in an anti-aging, youth-obsessed culture, I encourage you to take a risk and step outside of your fashion comfort zone. Start small and see where it leads..


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