Thursday, December 29, 2016

Post-Trump Election

OldBoldandBeautiful.Life has been born post-Trump election. One good thing that has come from this election is that activists are coming out of the woodwork to have their voices heard. As much as I admire this, it is not my path. OldBoldandBeautiful.Life may seem shallow given it's focus of my challenges with aging.

I, too, share the concerns of activists about the setbacks that may result with the current president-elect in the White House: civil rights, LGBT rights, women's rights, fair taxation, gun control, appointments to the Supreme Court, foreign relations, etc., etc., etc.

While ageism, especially as it impacts older women, has not risen to the national concern of these other issues – it, too, has taken a setback. Seeing a 70-year old white male in the White House, with his trophy wife 25 years his junior and their 10 year old son – is a site for sore eyes. Though, of course, this might be the fantasy of the old white men who helped get him elected.

So while I acknowledge women's aging issues are not of world importance, they are a stumbling block for me in my Life's Journey. OldBoldandBeautiful.Life is my platform to address this. So to those of you who are drawn to activism, a big THANK YOU. OldBoldandBeautiful.Life is my tool to help me fully embrace my aging image so that I can love myself and thus love my neighbor as myself – all my neighbors – including that 70-year old white male and the wife 25 years his junior...


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